You're a space pirate and you need to defeat the space police, but your laser keeps running out of battery, and is prone to over-heating!

Get through all 100 waves to win

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 100 with the theme 100

Move: WASD or left analog stick
Aim: Arrow keys or right analog stick
Shoot: Space or R1
Pause: Esc or start

Controller Menu Navigation: D-Pad

AAP-64 Palette → Adigun A. Polack -
Space Shooter GUI → craftpix -
Space Background → dinvstudio -
Health Bar Asset Pack → adwitr -
Background Music → SketchyLogic -
Monogram font → datagoblin -
Everything Else → ME! -


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Nice game Jam. Good work!!

I enjoyed the sounds and the camera angle as well as the battery concept and the overheating

I would have liked to see a different effect for when you shoot without battery. At first I thought it was a bug and I could just shoot as much as I liked. It would have been cool if the difficult progressed a lot faster and there was a score.

This is a nice game. I think you shouldn't let people shoot when they have no power; it's confusing.

Fun game, though I only played about 10 waves. I spent too long on my first playthrough because I didn't realize that the laser was damaging me when it went over 100%. I had thought it was enemies that had already passed me that were shooting behind them.

The perspective makes it kind of hard to accurately pick up the batteries.


The tutorial was supposed to tell you about the laser I'll have to fix that bug.

I might be able to fix the perspective?

Bit late for the jam  but this game is fun enough to work on.

Thank you for the feedback!